About us

About us

Who are we?

Travail.Suiss Formation is an organisation dedicated to furthering education. It operates and is present in all of the language regions of Switzerland. As part of a performance agreement with the SBFI, Travail.Suisse Formation works toward improving the access to education for visually impaired people. Additionally it serves the following functions:

  1. Travail.Suisse Formation informs the public about its member organisations.
  2. Travail.Suisse Formation offers networking and coordination services within the job-market
  3. Travail.Suisse Formation is committed to quality control and improvement within the field of education
  4. Travail.Suisse Formation promotes further education for employees and helps to remove hurdles for accessing further education

The members of Travail.Suisse Formation are the "Bildungsinstitut für Arbeitnehmende ARC" with the labour-union Syna, transfair, SCIV, SwissPersona and the umbrella organisation Travail.Suisse, the "Centro di formazione professionale CFP" with its head organisation OCST as well as the "Verein ENAIP Schweiz". The board of Travail.Suisse Formation are Giuseppe Rauseo (president and finances), Jolanta Krattinger (vice-president) and Vincenzo Travaglione (vice-president). Bruno Weber-Gobet is the manager. Travail.Suisse Formation communicates in four languages (German/ English / Italian / French).