The new website of Travail.Suisse Formation

The new website of Travail.Suisse Formation

Improving access to further education for people with disabilities

Each educational institution has to ask itself, how it can make its teachings available to people with a disability. This question is important in both higher and basic education. Therefore, Travail.Suisse Formation has launched a project that aims to improve the access to educational offers for visually impaired people. For the implementation Travail.Suisse Formation will also incorporate the findings of the “Kompetenzzentrum Barrierefreie Kommunikation” of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW and the University of Geneva UNIGE.

New Website

Travail.Suisse Formation will publish and document its progress and all of its important findings on the new website “”. Additionally, the website will serve as a communication hub, where interested parties can discuss the findings or contact the project managers.

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