About Travail.Suisse Formation

About Travail.Suisse Formation

Improving access to Education for people with disabilities

Since the 1st January 2017, the Continuing Education Act (WeBiG) has been in force. It gives the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) the opportunity to conclude service agreements with so-called continuing education organisations (Art. 12 WeBiG). The aim is to strengthen information, coordination and development with regard to continuing education (Art. 1 WeBiV). One of the service agreements has been concluded between SBFI and Travail.Suisse Formation TSF. The focus is on the topic of “Access to further education for people with disabilities”.

One of the objectives of the WeBiG is to create the conditions for all persons to participate in further training (Art. 4b WeBiG). The law explicitly mentions people with disabilities (Art. 8b WeBiG). They should have the same access to continuing education as people without disabilities.

The content of the service agreement

Thanks to the performance agreement concluded between SERI and TSF, TSF can take an offensive approach to the topic of “Equal opportunities for people with disabilities in access to continuing education”. The aim is to establish networks between organisations for the disabled and educational providers. For the time being, the focus of the work is on people with visual impairments. TSF will work closely with the Swiss Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (SBV). An important result of the project work will be a list of criteria for educational providers. It is intended to provide information on how educational opportunities must be designed so that people with visual impairments can participate successfully. TSF will communicate regularly about the development of the project.

Who is Travail.Suisse Formation TSF?

Travail.Suisse Formation TSF is an organization of further education that is active and represented in all language regions of Switzerland. The implementation of the performance agreement is an important part of TSF’s work. However, TSF is also obliged to do other things. According to the statutes, these are the following:

  • it carries out information tasks in relation to the affiliated member organisations and the public;
  • it takes over network and coordination tasks within the working world;
  • it is committed to quality assurance and development in continuing education
  • it encourages the development of training projects and carries them out together with member organisations and/or partners; and
  • it promotes the further education of employees and strives to remove the hurdles to further training.

Members of TSF are the Educational Institute for Employees ARC with the employee associations Syna, transfair, SCIV, SwissPersona and the umbrella organisation Travail.Suisse, the Centro di formazione professionale CFP with the sponsors OCST. The board is composed of Giuseppe Rauseo (Finance) and Bruno Weber-Gobet (Managing Director). TSF communicates in four languages (German / French / Italian / english).

27 June 2017, Bruno Weber-Gobet, Managing Director TSF

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